Writing about myself feels quite strange. Like how do I even start? How deep should I go? Should I keep it simple? or should I go into details? Tun tun tun Hahah! But here goes nothing. My Avatar’s name is Julenny Ortega. She was born in Moca, Dominican Republic. Moved to Paterson NJ at the age of one and currently residing there. She is a Help Desk Technician/Artist. She fell in love with technology and Art at a very young age. She took the IT route and went to school for it and eventually got a job in the field. She started her graphic design journey by learning photoshop at the age of 16, where she would create layouts for MySpace( Big Shoutout to TOM for allowing us to add HTML and CSS on our page) lol! Those were the days. Ok but enough about my lovely Avatar. I know you are all probably wondering whatttt is AUTHERE? Ok so AUTHERE was not always AUTHERE. It was called OutThere ( Shout out to my ex-manager Gus Franco for the name) So around 2017 I started using an app on my phone called PicsArt. I started to combine pics and made some popping art! It was therapeutic entering that Realm of Creation and just getting lost in the sauce. Ok so after showing some of my peeps my stuff they were like these would look dope on shirts! I was like would it though? lol. So I decided to give it a shot! Cuz why not? So It was time to come up with a name that’s when I asked Gus and he was like OutThere cuz you are out there haha! I was like Yesss! I really like that! So I went home started working on a logo, bought a domain, and the whole nine yards! Printed some T’s and sold a bunch! Shout out to all of those who supported! Unfortunately, I ran into a trademarking issue so that was the end of that. A new name needed to be born! Shout out to Christina for the name & Shout out to Cathy for Organizing the website and going Ham! Because of them. AUTHERE( est 2018) was born. AU- stands for Alternative Universe & it's the Symbol for GOLD in the periodic table. You deff will see gold being sprinkled on some of my designs. After coming up with a logo, buying a domain, and all that wonderful stuff. I promoted it here and there sold some here and there but kept getting discouraged. I was always in my head like what meaning does this whole brand have? I doubted myself and my potential so I just stopped for a while. I also had creators block, that’s when I stumble upon 3D art!! After doing my research I decided to learn Cinema 4D( Still learning it). Its been a game-changer for my creativity. These past two years I started to realize how truly creative I am and no longer will be sleeping on myself!


AUTHERE is a realm of my creation. A place where I express myself through my form of ART in hopes to inspire those around me to be Creative and enjoy this lovely Human Experience. 


We are all just walking each other home, - Ram Dass